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The Gastrointestinal/Immunology product lines include both GI and Immunology tests. This includes the GI Effects® Profiles, as well as CDSA 2.0 and all other branded GI/Immune profiles from Genova Diagnostics.

A full list of each of the profiles can be found in the tables below.

Featured Test Profiles

GI Effects<sup>®</sup>
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Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 2.0 (CDSA 2.0)
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Immunology Related Tests

The Genovations® product line offers genomic testing to evaluate common genetic variations known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The presence of specific SNPs may indicate a predisposition for health vulnerabilities. SNPS may be assessed in multiple functional areas including cardiovascular, detoxification, methylation, immune modulation, and estrogen metabolism.

Genomics Related Tests

The Endocrinology product line includes a variety of comprehensive tests designed to evaluate and monitor hormone levels.

Endrocrine Related Tests

The profiles included in the environmental product line help determine exposures to common classes of toxic chemicals that are widespread in the environment and—within each class—the measurement of the individual compounds that are most frequently found to be problematic.

Featured Test Profile

Toxic Effects CORE
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Environmental Related Tests

The Nutritional product line includes the NutrEval®, ION and CardioION profiles, as well as all other nutritional profiles. The nutrition line includes profiles designed to identify and target nutritional imbalances, offering personalized patient recommendations.

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Nutritional Related Tests